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Shanghai Yucui Education Investment Co., Ltd.

founded in 2004, is an educational organization dedicated to operating Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, developing international English courses and providing study-abroad consulting services.

After years of experience of operation in Sino-foreign cooperative education programs, Yucui has assisted multiple overseas institutions in establishing and managing over 30 professional Sino-foreign cooperative education programs all over China. As of 2012, students participating in Yucui’s Sino-foreign cooperative education programs exceeded 36,000, making its scale the largest in China.

Based on the experience of overseas mature English teaching programs, the company has developed and put into practice English courses that meet the international standards for college students. These courses help Yucui program participants to meet the English requirements of professional courses overseas, and enable them to successfully further their studies abroad.

The company’s established study-abroad service system has not only provided an excellent consulting service for program participants, but also provided students with a diverse consulting service regarding popular study-abroad destinations such as the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. The company’s rich experience in college application, visa application and follow-up service, along with its good partnerships with hundreds of overseas education institutions, has enabled its success rate in study-abroad service to surpass 98% every year.


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Shanghai Yucui Education Consultancy Co. Ltd.  Add:Suite 306,Building l,106 Zhongjiang Road Code:200062
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Shanghai Yucui Education Investment Co., Ltd.  Add:Suite 306,Building l,106 Zhongjiang Road Code:200062

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