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East China Normal University

East China Normal University is among the first national key universities directly under the Ministry of Education and jointly established by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipality. It is included into the state “211 Project” and "985 Project" as one of the key universities under construction. The cooperative education project between East China Normal University and La Trobe University in Australia was initiated in 1995 and currently has 240 registered students.

The program adopts the basic model of 2+2, i.e. high school graduates study at East China Normal University for 2 years to enhance their English skills while completing the pre-university and foundation courses in business of Australia. After two years’ study, students can further their study at La Trobe University or other universities in Australia for another 2 years.

In English teaching, the University strengthens the English curriculum arrangement, with all main courses being taught in English. The small-class pattern is adopted to enable frequent interactions between students and foreign teachers. It also focuses on educational activities , holding several English speech contests and English dubbing competitions every term, greatly enhancing the students' listening and speaking skills. The two-year study contributes significantly to students’ English proficiency – nearly 100% of students scored 5.0 in IELTS and some even achieved 7.0. Strict English teaching management and rich after-school English activities provided a solid foundation for improving students’ English skills in an all-round manner.


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