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Teaching Methods

Yucui English Program adopts comprehensive CLT(Communicative Language Teaching) teaching methods to guide, encourage and help students to play a positive role in classroom language learning and improve their comprehensive language skills. In addition, ongoing and regular language proficiency assessment is a major feature of our teaching activities.

The Program adopts mainly textbooks from New Interchange, Cutting Edge and Passages and EAP foundation courses in order to teach students how to speak English fluently and accurately in everyday situations, such as in school, social life, work and leisure activities. Our basic teaching philosophy is English learning is more meaningful, efficient and rewarding only when put in real-life scenarios. Based on this philosophy, Yucui English Program provides students with not only practical, real-life English language, but also lots of opportunities to talk about their knowledge and experience and express their ideas using the language learned, thus assimilating English into their own language and learning to apply it as desired.


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