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Course Introduction

Yucui English Programs fully reflect the latest EAP English teaching method popular in the world to develop a number of inspiring and creative classroom activities much appreciated by teachers and students to give students more English listening and speaking opportunities. Currently, Yucui, La Trobe the University and Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE in Australia have jointly developed a series of EAP English foundation courses.

The English Program upholds the teaching philosophy of “meaningful exchanges bring the most effective language learning”. While paying attention to the accuracy and fluency of language, the Program organically combines grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. It covers topics such as the environment,current issues, entertainment, fashion, and other topics related to daily life. Students with personal experience of such topics can share with others more ideas and information. Moreover, cross-cultural information can also stimulate cross-cultural comparisons and discussions.

Course Outline


This Program allows students to learn grammar step by step.. Language and grammar points in reading and writing, speaking and listening are studied in context and applied through controlled practice and freer application. In this way students’ language competence gradually improves. .


Vocabulary is a very important part of the English learning process and a focus of this Program. It is divided into utility vocabulary and cognitive vocabulary. The former (the part of vocabulary encouraged to be utilized by students) appears mainly in word power and snapshots of culture, while the latter appears mainly in reading and listening exercises. In vocabulary expansion exercises, the Program guides students to classify words in line with human brains’ understanding of new words, and then master them through personalized application.


The Program emphasizes oral skills training, especially situational language expression. Discussion, role play, spoken language exercise and interchange activities together provide students opportunities of systematic training for language fluency. In addition, , students will learn a variety of conversation strategies through conversation practice. Speaking skills training focuses mainly on fun and personalized oral expressions to provide students with opportunities to communicate in English.


Task-based listening activities are the main points of listening skills training, combining "Top-down" information processing skills (e.g. making predictions) with the "bottom-up" information processing skills (e.g. identifying and understanding words). Listening practice of all levels is set up with key issues or key tasks to enable students to listen with a purpose and to make notes by using a variety of methods.


In reading practice, students can read all styles of articles such as newspaper and journal articles, opinion polls, letters, etc. and achieve different purposes by using different reading methods. For example, students can understand the subject of an article by skimming, locate specific information through fast reading or read an article in detail; then they can finish reading analysis exercises, such as making inference and guessing meaning from the context, etc.; they can also express their own ideas and opinions regarding to the reading materials.


Writing is a comprehensive assessment of students’ mastery of language. Students can practice a variety of practical styles of writing, such as an e-mail, postcard and memo and consolidate the grammar and vocabulary learned through writing.

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