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Students of SICFLC Travel and Study in NMIT in 2014

In March 2014, eleven students from the Events Management department of SICFL went to Australia for a three months’ exchange activities program at NMIT.

These students felt the real culture and education of Australia during these three months. They went to classes with local students. In addition to 4 weeks language learning in NMIT, the students also participated in 7 weeks hotel management skills practical training, including table setting, making cocktails and coffee service skills. After that, they participated in 3 weeks hotel management and direction training. To know more about Australia, they spent one week for travelling: such as visiting the Melbourne Zoo, the Fitzroy Gardens and took a city tour sightseeing bus.

NMIT carefully prepared the welcome and farewell ceremony. Teachers are very satisfied with the performance of the visiting students. At the end of the ceremony, students were awarded a Study Skills certificate. Students felt deeply about the study: they not only improved their English skills, but also to experienced the local conditions and customs of Australia. They have deeper knowledge and understanding of Australian culture. One of the many outcomes was that the teachers and students developed a closer friendship. We hope that such study tours will become common in the future.We believe that this kind of exchanges and cooperation will attract more and more students to go abroad for the further study.

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               Hotel Training in NMIT                                                    Photo with NMIT Teachers


SICFLC06163              SICFLC06164

             Study with Local Students                                                   End of the Ceremony

Academic exchanges

Academic exchanges

In order to increase interaction and exchange between partner institutions, and to facilitate a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of cooperative programs, the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE regularly assembles faculty members of all partner institutions in program workshops. Institutions are able to communicate and share program results, while discussing problems and difficulties that arise during the cooperation and jointly seeking solutions to such problems. Through this effective communication and exchange between partner institutions, the programs are able to proceed more smoothly.


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