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Cert IV Training and Assessment

  The Australian training course “Certificate IV in Training and Assessment”(TAE40110)was delivered over three weeks in February 2015 by the partner institute of Melbourne Polytechnic (previously Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE),at the Shanghai Industry, Commerce and Foreign Language College. 

  The teacher training was carried out and achieved with the support and assistance of Shanghai Industry and Commerce Foreign Language College. Teacher training was all in English and taught by a professional trainer from Melbourne Polytechnic. Teachers who attended the training came from each partner institute of Melbourne Polytechnic around China.

  After the training teachers said the training would bring a great benefit to teaching organization and teaching evaluation in the future. The learning contents were rich and practical. Although the training was characterized by tight schedule teachers had time for evaluation after class. Teachers felt glad to have an opportunity for professional development and were able to meet other teachers and actively discuss their teaching experience.




Faculty Evaluation

Faculty Evaluation

In order to promote the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE’s cooperative programs in China to a higher level, and with the spirit of friendly cooperation in mind, the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE conducts training on related coursework for faculty of partner institutions on a regular basis. The goal of the training is to improve the teaching quality of the program, and increase the partner institutions’ understanding of Australian TAFE courses. In addition, NMIT seeks to improve the ability of Chinese teachers to teach and evaluate Australian TAFE courses, and to share with Chinese teachers different teaching concepts and methods used by Australian teachers in teaching professional courses.

The Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE utilizes and draws from the training requirements of Australian training and assessment level-4 certification to conduct training. Through training, Chinese teachers can experience and understand the Australian concepts in training and assessment, and fully comprehend the importance of evaluating results and using the evaluations for feedback. Meanwhile, they can apply these concepts to teaching coursework in the Sino-Australian cooperative programs. Teachers that successfully complete the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE training will receive certificates issued by the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE.

Training of teachers is conducted in different forms. Faculty members from partner institutions can receive training at the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE. As an alternative, the Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE sends lecturers to each partner institution to conduct training, or assembles all faculty members from partner institutions at certain locations in China to receive training from NMIT lecturers. Such training can also enhance communication between partner institutions.

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